The Best Parts, Service, and Advice

After 30 years of operation, we’ve learned something very important about our customers: It doesn’t matter if they are from Melbourne, Australia; Taipei, Taiwan; Mexico City, Mexico; or Vancouver, BC; they all appreciate excellent one–on–one customer service and knowledgeable staff who can answer their questions.

We look after our customers because we understand their needs. We know that a truck out of operation means wages lost to its operator/owner. We know that profit margins in the transportation industry are slim.

You will experience our personalized and professional service—the kind of service that gets heavy–duty trucks back into operation quickly. Our customers turn to us again and again because they know they will get the best service, advice and heavy–duty truck parts they need and we take pride in doing our best.

Fraser Valley Truck Parts Ltd. is a member of the Automotive Recyclers’ Environmental Association and follows its best practices for yard management in order to run an efficient and clean operation.

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